Thank you for being responsible


Yesterday I went to the bank to pay a student loan bill directly.  With my other two loans I’m able to pay online (and do so throughout the month).  However, this loan (long story) requires me to pay through the mail or by going to the bank.  I opted to go to the bank this go around and was met with an interesting reaction from a bank teller.  As I approached him, I told him I wanted to pay a student loan and gave him the bill and check.  He commented he’d never had to do a student loan before and commented “thank you for being responsible and paying your student loan”.

Wait, what?

I was taken back by his comment and in ways it made sense as he continued to talk.  He went on about how many students are defaulting on their loans as he processed my bill.  As he was doing so, he asked if I wanted to pay since I was a year ahead of payments.  “Of course I do, I want my student loans gone asap”.  He nodded and said I was smart to do so and I left soon after, contemplating what he’d said about being responsible.

I get that I’m lucky in that I do have enough every month to pay more than the minimum on my student loans.  Would I like to pay more?  Of course, but that’s not feasible at this point and time.  I’m lucky to have a good job, whereas some my age don’t have steady employment, having a crappy job or have to work multiple jobs in order to make ends meet.  It’s scary and reading some of the student loan horror stories that are out there make me very grateful for my situation.

I agree with him in that paying my student loans on time and with extra is responsible.  Minus my student debts, I’m very good with money, something my parents taught me and its within my nature to be money-wise.  I can only imagine what it’ll be like once my student loans are paid off–more money for retirement, traveling money and cushion room!  Based on the plan I started last year to have my debts paid off in 5 years, I still have another 4 before I’m free.  It’s impossible to predict the future and who knows, maybe they’ll be gone in 2 years?  A girl can hope!

I love minions

Back to work time!  I’m definitely excited to go back and tackle projects/lesson plans!


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