Three day weekend ahead!

This past week was an interesting one since I was sick from Sunday until Tuesday (took Tuesday off) and Wednesday we had a snow day (our first one!)  It made the week feel pretty short and relaxing given the fact we have off Monday and Tuesday will be a teacher workday.  No complaints from me for an extended weekend–it means extra time with friends and time to get work done around the house and town!  I’m in the process of making a formal list and plan on doing a few errands early this morning to avoid crowds.  My mom is coming to visit on Monday and during that time I plan on starting on my taxes (I just wish I had my W-2 and the other 1099 for my student loan taxes).  I have everything else on my end ready and I would like to have them done by the end of February.

Lucca helmet

I used my snow day this past week to work on my Lucca cosplay.  I converted an orange ruffle dress into her Gi earlier this week and I’m very pleased with how both turned out.  I still need to get three small pieces for her costume and hem the scarf I got for her and I’m done.  My purple wig should arrive sometime today, though I do need to trim it a little bit first.

Persona 4

Speaking of video games, I’m still making my way through Persona 4, though I’m at the final boss battle.  I do want to level up the team I’m using another few levels and get better armor before plunging in, however.  It’s going to be very bittersweet to beat it since it’s easily one of my favorite JRPG’s and I only wish I had a PSVita to play Persona 4 Golden.  That said, I could forsee myself using the New Game+ feature and playing through it again.  I didn’t maximize all my social links and did hardly any questions.  Maybe if I didn’t have around 20 games on my shelf to beat I’d go ahead and play through it again…

It’s nice to have an extra day off and I’m looking forward to seeing how much I can get taken off on my to-do list!  I’m also hoping to do a Persona 4 review in the next few days (once I beat it later today?) since I have a lot of strong positive feelings about it and will undoubtedly have even more in the near future. Once it’s beaten though, I’m going to have a little trouble deciding what game to play next–Final Fantasy V?  New Super Mario Bros 2?  Maybe I’ll take a short gaming break to concentrate on other things like grad school searches or reading.


What would you do with an unexpected day off?

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