Twas an unexpectedly Quiet Sunday

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My original plans for today were cancelled (friend got sick), so I had an unexpected quiet day to myself.  Being an introvert, I definitely appreciate and need days like today.  It’s rare for me to have as much downtime as I’ve had over the last two weekends, but its been nice despite the feeling I’ve been getting in the evenings to do something more substantial.  Knowing that the next few weekends will involve out of town trips is a good reminder to appreciate days like today.  There’s also a strong chance of snow tonight and tomorrow, so it may end up being a 3 day weekend again this week.
Despite having a quiet day, it’s been a mix of laid back and productive.  I have done a bit of online work, finished reading one book,Vanishing Act by Jodi Piccolut, and started another, Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain.  I set a goal to read 150 books this year and sadly I’m already behind since I’m only on book 4 and the month is almost over.  I also checked up on my progress for paying off my student loans this month and I’m waiting for one last payment to clear.  It’s nice to see less and less going towards interest every month as the balances get lower!
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I tend to focus on a specific hobby and others fall to the back burner and sadly reading has found itself as a side hobby to video games.  I beat Persona 4 last week and beat New Super Mario Bros 2 (including star world) yesterday.  Not wanting to stop gaming and having a list of podcasts to catch up on, I picked another game from my backlog, Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride. This is almost sad to admit, but I’m around 1/4 of the way through the game as I write this.  It’s not as long as some JRPGs (supposedly its around 30 hours without doing any of the sidequests), so its entirely possible that I could beat it sometime in February.
Based on my nearly 8 hours with it so far, I have to say it’s one of my favorite Dragon Quest games.  I got into Dragon Quest in 2000 with the third installment and I’ve gotten the same positive feel from the fifth game that I did the third and eighth game.  It does have the ‘you better be leveling up and paying attention’ difficulty as most Dragon Quest games have.  That said, I’ve been killed more than once because I encountered a hoard of monsters without healing.  Thankfully Dragon Quest games have this wonderful feature where you go back to a priest and the only cost to you is half your gold.  It’s much better than losing all your progress since your last save!
What’s also jumping out, to me, in Dragon Quest V is the story.  It may not be spell-binding, but the conversations with even side characters is entertaining.  You take the reins as a young boy (who I named Kain) and follow him as he grows up, which is a fun story element and encounter a host of characters along the way.  It’s not all about ‘saving the world’ as there are a lot of side stories in place that keep the game refreshing feeling.  As far as the battle system goes, it’s interesting and I have no complaints so far other than the fact it’s pretty simplistic.  That said, it’s a Dragon Quest game and I love them for their ‘old school’ feel.  Oh and those tunes.  Remind me to try and track down the OST.
What do you like to do when you have an unexpected free day?  Do you need time to recharge?

2 thoughts on “Twas an unexpectedly Quiet Sunday

  1. Whoa 150 books in a year! If it were me I knew I wasn’t going to finish all of them. I used to be a bookworm back in the day, but somehow now the internet looks more interesting….
    If I have a quiet day I’ll usually spend the whole day watching movies! Especially when it’s cold outside and I’m inside with my hot chocolate 😀


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