Let it snow!

Aside from the two very minor dustings (December and January), my city had yet to get any snow.  Then, today happened.  Currently I’m drinking coffee and watching outside my window to see millions of flakes falling to the ground.  We had school today, but at 9:30 office staff began making their way around the school to announce students and staff would be leaving between 11:30-12:00.  I was out the door at 12:10, right around the time snow was sticking to the road.  I braved the roads and went to the store to get a few small things (20 minute trip) and by the time I got home the roads had a layer of snow.  Not quite as fast as the five minute blizzard I experienced Saturday, but pretty quick nevertheless!

(This is the 5 minute blizzard at my grandmothers!)

Given the up to a foot snow prediction, I anticipate school being closed tomorrow and possibly Wednesday.  I’d prefer us only having a 2-hour delay on Wednesday.  Having the next day or so off does mean catching up on things around the house and enjoying hobbies.  A work friend gave me a game to play over our snow days (Faster Than Light) and I’m looking forward to tackling it after I beat Alphadia Genesis.

Alphadia-Genesis-comes to WiiU

I just got a steam account after winning a copy of Alphadia Genesis from Chaglyr at Chalgyr’s Game Room.  I’m around halfway through it now and while it’s not the greatest game, I admit the battles are a lot of fun.  It has its flaws (especially in the character department), but its a fun game to give the 15-20 hours to beat.  Since this is my first steam game, I’ve had fun unlocking the RPG-esque achievements at 10 hours in I’ve completed around half of them.


With a snow day 95% certain tomorrow, I’ll be plotting out a couple things to do tomorrow.  I’m nearly done with a friends birthday present and hope to finish it along with “Horns” starring Daniel Radcliff (weird, weird, movie).  Tomorrow I hope to do a bit of freelance writing (catch up!  I’m behind this month, again) and most of all, relax.  This time of year I tend to make a ‘to do’ list in case of a snow day and it looks like tomorrow will be quite the productive day!


How’s the weather where you are?


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