A long overdue endorsement


It’s hard to believe that in less than a week I’ll be moved out and getting settled in my hometown.  It’s a strange feeling to move back to an area you spent most of your life looking forward to getting out of.  It’s only a temporary stay and it’ll probably wane on me that I’m in the middle of nowhere, but it’ll be wonderful to be around close friends and family for several months without having to drive 2+ hours to see them! Even once I move (May or June), I’ll be less than an hour away and living in an area that I’d consider getting a house in someday.


Amidst packing and general moving duties, I’ve been spending extra time with friends in the area. One of my best friends, also a teacher, has been taking courses through the local university to get her Special Education license/endorsement.  The classes are very affordable and it’s online with no in person meetings.  It’s designed for teachers who have an endorsement in another area.  In our cases, we both work as Special Education teachers, but don’t have the endorsement–just the Prek-6 license.  After hearing her positive words about it and getting the same from other teachers, I’ve decided to sign up for the first of three classes I’ll need.  I’m in the process of giving them my transcripts and come May I’ll be in!

Give each student a designated space (accountability). ~ What a great way for students to reflect on the day and share what they've learned with each other. (Source: theteachertreasurey.com)

Teaching licenses in  the United States vary state to state and can get confusing.  I teach in a private school, so I don’t need an endorsement in Special Ed to teach it.  However, in public schools you need a provisional (temporary) license or license in the specialty to teach in.  The school I’ll be going to is like my current school, but they know I’m getting my endorsement in Special Education.  Thankfully, once you get your license, adding endorsements is much easier.  I had to take FIVE tests to get my Elementary Prek-6 license (around $120 a pop too).  This go around, I won’t need to take any.  Plus, a Special Education endorsement opens a lot of doors and gives me a pay boost.


The next chapter in my life is starting and I’m excited for what the future holds.  I feel happier than I have been in years!  Friends and family nearby, a city that I love, things to do, classes to take, new opportunities to make a difference…it’s a lot to take in and it still doesn’t feel real!  This week will be an emotional one, but the direction I’m going in feels right.  Even though this chapter is closing, I’ll never forget it or the wonderful people who have journeyed with me and will continue to in the next chapter.  Perhaps Winnie the Pooh says it best;


Winnie the Pooh



3 thoughts on “A long overdue endorsement

  1. Wow, you are smart. I know someone who couldn’t get the math portion of the teaching license. She is very passionate and very patient with kids. What are the 6 tests? Do you get paid more as special ed teacher?

    I’d like to go home more often. They are 18 hours drive 4 hours flight with connection. Food is amazing at home. That’s pretty much what I think of, food.mheheh the kids would follow me around everywhere. My sister’s kids are in the sweet ages that they think I’m cool.


    • I know a lot of very intelligent teachers who had to take the math portion of the Praxis 1 (teacher entrance exam) twice. The tests required vary depending on what endorsements you want, but elementary education has more and two are Virginia exclusive.
      Praxis I (all)-math, reading and writing
      Praxis II (all)-depends on where you want your endorsement. Elementary content knowledge is math, history, reading/writing, science
      VCLA (Virginia Communication Language Assessment)-reading & writing
      VRE-Virginia Reading test
      VRA (now expired) -Virginia Reading Assessment.

      It’d be hard to be as far as you are from home. I’ve always wanted to work abroad for up to a year and I applaud you for taking the plunge and doing it!


      • Yeah, I want to go on a mission trip someday. But most mission trip are religious based, some of the religious people are … too “far out there”, making it pretty uncomfortable to be around them. Some are very kind and reasonable, still find a way to use God to explain science, which is fine. But, if I ran into some crazy ones, I don’t want to endure their talk (hence it’s one of their mission, right? heeeheh).

        Anyhow, “talk is cheap”, I can’t just talk. I’d just buckle up and do it and see what’s going on.

        I do know one thing, when I get home from anywhere other than America, I feel much appreciate of what I have, even hot shower excites me.


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