Snow can put a wrench in things or be a blessing in disguise


It’s hard to not look at the snow falling heavily outside without feeling a little frustrated.  Teachers love snow, but every teacher I’ve talked to as had the same sentiments about it-“enough”.  Sadly, this storm is set to bring up to a foot in places, which puts a damper on plans anyone has.


This Saturday I’m due to move and on Monday I’m starting my new job.  Both of which are huge stressers and having window to contend with too is making matters a little trickier.  I still need to get my fingerpritning done, change my address at the Post Office and DMV, plus get more boxes to finish packing.  With the snow, it’s become an impossible feat, which adds to the accumulating stress.  It’ll get done, but it does mean the next three days will be a little more intensive.

Picture 019

Despite the big negatives to being stuck inside because of snow, there are positives.  I got to sit down and play more FTL: Faster Than Light (died at the last boss), I’ve made a lot of progress on packing what I can and with giving my townhouse a good, deep clean.  It’s amazing how much stuff you can accumulate and I’m happy to say that I’ve gotten rid of over 200 things!  I’m due to make a trip to the used book store and drop off around 50 books, so it’s nice to know there’s a lot of stuff I’ll no longer be lugging around.  Once I move again in a few months, I hope to get rid of even more stuff.


Tomorrow (provided the snow melts as expected), I have a few errands to run.  To motivate me, I’m hoping to stop by my new favorite cafe, make my list and then head out to tackle it all.  I’ll also need to return my router to comcast (good riddance) in addition to getting my address changed and my fingerprints done.  I was originally going to get together with a couple of friends and play board games, but due to the weather, we’ve had to cancel.  I was looking forward to getting together with close friends one last time before leaving, but it happens.  I know I’ll be back quite a bit to visit, so it’s just a ‘see you soon’ deal instead.


I’ll still in the weird limbo of leaving my job.  I miss my coworkers and students a lot already.  I couldn’t imagine a more wonderful group of people to work with and there are a lot of elements about my life here I’ll miss.  However, due to family reasons and being called elsewhere, it’s time to start the next chapter of my life.  Since I’ll be without internet for an undetermined amount of time, it’ll probably be a week before I post again.  At least I have FTL: Faster Than Light to keep me occupied without internet!

FTL - A Star Trek-like Roguelike that's, like, awesome!


4 thoughts on “Snow can put a wrench in things or be a blessing in disguise

  1. I hate the un boxing task, so after many years, I still haven’t louche some of the box. But I enjoy the feeling when I get to see my items again, long lost memories.

    You must have excellence eye hand coordination skills to play those video games and beat them. We should play co-op game one day so you can rescue me.mheheh

    Snow sucks but here comes spring this coming Sunday. Just like that! I actually hate spring forward, losing an hour for no reason. So this year, I did not change my clock. So, I don’t lose anything. We’ll see if it work.


    • I have a few boxes of books at my parents I haven’t touched in years. At some point I’ll go through them haha. What games do you like to play? I mostly play RPG’s and old school side scrollers.


  2. New super Mario bros. but you need to rescue me, if we go through lava, I would like to stay in the bubble. If we in the tunnel, require a lot of jumping and coordination, I would like to stay in the bubble ehhehehe… When it times to collect coins and kill bouncer, I’ll come out of the bubble. Ehhehehe that’s how I regularly do it to my nieces and nephews. I’m the loudest, keep yelling and screaming like I’m about to die ALL the TIME. The game would consume me whenever I play, so I don’t play all that much unless I have someone good accompanying me. It’s no fun to die.


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