Relocating: A week later

It’s hard to believe how much has transpired in the last week and a half. I moved away from the city I was living in for almost three years and left my job to move back home after getting a job offer. My new job is amazing and I’m excited for my future there.  A lot has happened and it’s amazing how less stressed I feel, how much more I can do and simply the fact I feel I can dream again.



This past weekend I took a trip to North Carolina to Wizard World Raleigh and met the wonderful David Tennant. He’s an amazing man and it was an honor to meet him!  I love to travel and having the money, energy and time to do so is amazing!

Displaying photo.JPG (not posting my actual photo, but it happened!)

My stress level

Before moving, my stress level (even before relocation stresses) was insanely high. I felt miserable and cranky pretty often, wanting nothing more than to usher everyone away. Now, my life’s pace has changed and I have hardly any stress. My anxiety is even low for once (I overthink and worry about everything).



Winnie the Pooh

I can’t think of a time (other than vacations and outings with friends) where I’ve felt so on top of the world. I feel that I’m able to realize my dreams, be my true self and enjoy everyday to the fullest. It’s overwhelming actually! Oh and I have a TON of energy everyday. I never feel drained or feel I need to be alone all evening.



For the first time in my life, I actually have money. Really, I feel ok with spending $3 on an iced coffee after work once or twice a week and it’s amazing. Since I’m not paying rent or utilities, I can concentrate on paying off student loans and by the end of next month another one will be gone. I do want to move by August, but until then I’ll be saving money and I’ll be getting closer to being debt free!



Zelda tissue box I made for a friend

While I miss my friends in my old city a lot, many of my friends are in this area. In fact, one of my closest friends lives down the road from me now! It’s beyond wonderful to stop by to visit friends and family during the week and weekend. Previously I would see some friends only 3 times a year and family every month or two. That’s not easy when you’re someone who needs to see people they care about.


Graduate School

Searching for my sole mate sign

For a while now I’ve been thinking about graduate school, but the local university wasn’t one I wanted to attend.  Now, I’m working near a university with a Masters program I really want.  With my Masters in Special Education, the world would really open up for me (for a reasonable cost of $14,000).  I still have my undergraduate loans, but with my new job I can save up and pay for classes out of pocket (with some grant help).  I have a meeting next week to enroll next spring and I can’t wait!

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