Around the web and back again #1

There is a very important event happening this week–Avengers: Age of Ultron!  I’ve been waiting for this week/May 1st to arrive since The Avengers came out back in 2012.  I ordered my tickets already and can’t wait to see it with a friend in the near future!  I even have my Avengers friendly outfit picked out for the occassion 😉  On a more serious note, we’ll be jumping into the month of May later this week.  Hopefully that means we’ll be seeing regular weather above 50 (we had snow, SNOW in my hometown in Virginia yesterday).  Winter needs to let it go already.

The official Avengers: Age of Ultron poster is here, and I have some questions. 

Around the web and back again #1

This article about teaching in a Title 1 school broke many hearts (mine included).  I teach in a private school (worked in a public school beforehand) and everything she says is spot on.

This dad is amazing!  He photoshopped photos of his son to show him flying.

This will be my reward for becoming accustomed to drinking tea... which will probably never happen.(

Since I use ASL (American Sign Language) with several students, I’ve fallen in love with this website.

I just discovered this website on debt repayment.  What a handy tool!

These Legend of Zelda socks are amazing!  It is time for a new thinkgeek order!

This Broccoli & cheese quinoa casserole turned out amazing.  Just because you’re vegetarian doesn’t mean there aren’t tasty meals out there.


YepOh BBC, how you’ve ruined me.


What cool things did you discover this week?

This weekend I traveled back to my previous city for a 5K. While I was there I met up with several friends for board games and dinner, stayed with two friends, then caught up with several more yesterday morning. It’s been a month and a half since I last saw them. I knew that I missed them a lot, but I didn’t realize just how much until I was there. I wasn’t a fan of the city itself, but I loved the people who were in my life there-friends, colleagues and of course my previous students.   Going back can be a tricky thing and it was hard to leave my friends there…again.


I did get to see one of my best friends and we exchanged birthday gifts. She got me the board game Pandemic and I can’t wait to play it! I’ve played it 2-3 times before and really enjoyed it. Last year I found the expansion, unused, at goodwill, but never got around to buying the game itself. Now I have a new board game to play—or at least one that’s not currently packed away until I move again.


Speaking of geekery, I bought my ticket to Toomanygames!  Another friend will be going with me and we’ll be getting a hotel for Saturday night (staying just for Saturday and Sunday).  There will be some amazing guests there and it’ll be an amazing time (based on what others have told me).  Extra bonus, my summer vacation starts the following week!  I do still need to order my advance ticket for Avengers: Age of Ultron this week.  I’ll be going to an Alamo theater and their tickets tend to sell out the week before (if its a major movie).


Oh yes! :)

Following up on a previous post about graduate school…I’ve decided not to go for it just yet. Instead, I’m working on adding my Special Education endorsement in Special Education Prek-12, which I should have by the end of next summer or by December. It varies by state, but in Virginia you have to complete special courses (some of my Elementary classes transfer), get proof of teaching for at least a year in a accredited school and pass the VCLA. I only need to take 8 classes, which I’ll be doing through an online program through a university here in Virginia.


Do you ever travel back to places you used to live?

Spring and Summer on the road

Countless times I’ve applauded myself for making the decision to buy a new car.  This time last year my old car was in its last legs.  Once the transmission went out I knew it was time to say goodbye and on June 5th I bought a 2014 Honda Civic, paid for in full.  Having a new car has paid for itself.  Its not just the comfort of knowing my car is reliable and won’t be in the shop every week and gets amazing gas mileage (37.2 mpg!). Its the comfort of knowing I can go anywhere in it, that it won’t be expensive. Thanks to a new car, I started taking more long trips starting last summer.  This spring and summer I anticipate even more.  Since I work in a really big city, it’s fairly easy to hop on the metro to go into DC now and explore.  I went to the Matsuri festival yesterday, but it was a disaster! Way too many people and rude ones at that. Just because its crowded doesn’t make it acceptable to not use your manners or push people in ‘your way’.  We were all happy to leave and explore less crowded areas after the Matsuri festival.  Next weekend I’ll be makingmy first return to my old city since I left a month and a half ago.  It’ll be wonderful to see friends again and participate in the 5K.   Outside of those, I’ll be going to Pennsylvania, Maryland and New York by the end of the summer. I’m especially excited to go to New York for the first time!  I’m going for a bridal shower for one of my best friends and we’re driving down together.  It’ll be a fun trip–I just wish we had more than three days there!  There’s also a convention in June I’m excited to go to and potentially another one in Maryland in August. I’ll be making a couple trips to see friends who live 1-2 hours away throughout the summer, so my car will, sadly, be racking up more miles.  Currently I’m staying with my grandmother who lives a little less than an hour away from where I work.  The commute isn’t ideal (saving money is) and I plan on doing it until July/August when I’ll have a few student loans gone and able to afford something with plenty of emergency savings at my disposal.  It’s crazy how expensive things are in Northern Virginia, even with a decent income.  I’m anxious to live on my own again, but at the same time,I look forward to a summer around friends and family I’ve missed a lot in the last 3ish years!   Are you planning any road trips this spring or summer?

Life in April

April is going to be a really good month, I can sense it!  Between the Matsuri festival next weekend, a 5K the following weekend and it being the month where spring kicks into high gear, it’s set to be fantastic!

Picture 103

This will be my first full month back in my hometown and with all my moving expenses taken care of, I can focus on relaxing for a while before worrying about finding a place to rent.  After being on a really tight budget for the last two years, it’s nice to have a reprieve and not pay rent.  Plus it’s just nice to enjoy being close to family and friends for one and seeing them more than a few times a year. At the moment, my plan is to move into a place closer to work in August or September.  I mostly want to give myself time in the area around my hometown and time to save up money/pay off debt.

One of my favorite events of the year is the Matsuri festival in Washington D.C. (April 11th).  I’ve been going with a group of friends every year for the last two years and it’s always a blast.  We’ve been lucky to have peak bloom the week we’re there too (see above picture).  I’m not sure if we can count on it this year since our temperatures are only now hitting spring-time temperatures.  Even so, there will be plenty to see and do at the Matsuri festival (maybe it won’t be so crowded this year?)

April is also Autism awareness month. As my profile says, I’m a Special Education teacher and specifically an Autism teacher.  I’ll be participating in a 5K this month to help raise money and I’ll be doing things throughout the month to raise money and awareness.


With all the changes in the last month, I haven’t had a chance to really work on my goals for 2015.  I’m behind on most of my goals and since I’ll be doing a quarterly report at the end of the April, I need to get things going.  I’m hoping to get in more reading time this month and get back into crafting at the very least.


 What do you have going on in April?