Around the web and back again #1

There is a very important event happening this week–Avengers: Age of Ultron!  I’ve been waiting for this week/May 1st to arrive since The Avengers came out back in 2012.  I ordered my tickets already and can’t wait to see it with a friend in the near future!  I even have my Avengers friendly outfit picked out for the occassion 😉  On a more serious note, we’ll be jumping into the month of May later this week.  Hopefully that means we’ll be seeing regular weather above 50 (we had snow, SNOW in my hometown in Virginia yesterday).  Winter needs to let it go already.

The official Avengers: Age of Ultron poster is here, and I have some questions. 

Around the web and back again #1

This article about teaching in a Title 1 school broke many hearts (mine included).  I teach in a private school (worked in a public school beforehand) and everything she says is spot on.

This dad is amazing!  He photoshopped photos of his son to show him flying.

This will be my reward for becoming accustomed to drinking tea... which will probably never happen.(

Since I use ASL (American Sign Language) with several students, I’ve fallen in love with this website.

I just discovered this website on debt repayment.  What a handy tool!

These Legend of Zelda socks are amazing!  It is time for a new thinkgeek order!

This Broccoli & cheese quinoa casserole turned out amazing.  Just because you’re vegetarian doesn’t mean there aren’t tasty meals out there.


YepOh BBC, how you’ve ruined me.


What cool things did you discover this week?


2 thoughts on “Around the web and back again #1

  1. Snowing at the end of April? I thought Virginia is considered as the South?!! On the positive note, it might very well be the last snow of the winter. And that it might have prolong the ski season a bit longer, good for Virginia tourism business.

    Wow, I didn’t know you could do ASL. I took lesson for a summer and I really like it but I didn’t have anyone to practice with. Naturally, I’ve completely forgotten it. It is cool that you find a way to keep up with it.

    I finally submit my vacation for the summer, it will be cool to do a road trip with Mr. and my sister’s family. I’ve been too busy to do anything – between coaching, working, showing the apartment, cooking and personal maintenance, my life is completely packed! 😛


    • I went home today on a backroad and found a road covered in snow. Virginia has weird weather! It sounds like you have a packed schedule, but the trip sounds fun!


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