Memorial Day weekend

Mission Organization: 21 Ideas on Organizing Your Teacher Area (Creative chalkboard)

What a week it’s been since last Sunday! I was waiting until the official announcement, but I was promoted from Teaching Assistant to Teacher at my school recently and started this past Monday. It’s going to take a while to get used to, but I’m off to a good start! I couldn’t ask for a more supportive group of people to work with either. The next couple of weeks will be devoted to setting up my classroom, getting to know my students and learning the joy of paperwork in Special Education. It’s a process and one that I’m taking over gradually, but I love it!

coffee(pretty much these days!)

It does mean extra time at work, but I haven’t minded the drive since I found a shortcut to work that’s cut my 90 minute commute to 60 minutes. Last post, I said that my commute was a killer, but it seems more doable now and I’ve decided to prolong it until August. I’ll be housesitting one week in July and off for a week in June and July, which makes things easier (plus I have vacation time if I get to my wits end OR I can stay with friends in the area or nearby). This plan also allows me to pay off a good chunk of debt and buy a few things I need/want in the next few months. Not stressing about money for the first time in my life is an amazing, wonderful feeling!


Life rattles aside, I’ve been reading a good bit this past week and lately I’ve been tackling this monster;


It’s a fantastic book and every Marvel comic lovers dream.  Admitably I got into Marvel through the movies, but it got me into the comic book origins (but even those have different origins).  It’s going to take a while to get through, but I’m savoring every character sheet.  I’m also still making my way through a few novels on the side since this is more of a reference book.


Since it’s Memorial weekend here in the US, I have tomorrow off and I’m enjoying have an extra day off with no driving.  Yesterday I volunteered at a nearby festival with a friend and attended a Veteran memorial dedication.  Today I plan on taking it easy, though I may run a few shopping errands nearby this evening or tomorrow.  It’s nice to have a short week and by Tuesday I should be rested enough for a 4 day work week!


What are your plans for the weekend? 


3 thoughts on “Memorial Day weekend

  1. Congrats on getting promoted. Wow, it looks very organized and clean. Things must have change from 15-20 years ago. Back then, I saw one high school special ed teacher, she looked super tired and unhappy. However, you seems super upbeat and excited. The mentality of doing things you love in the millenial generation is actually working for us.

    We went to chincoteague to see the horses. It was an awesome trip. We had tons of seafood. Took tons of pictures. I wouldn’t go back alone, I’d go with my whole family though. It’s sadden me that the tourist was 100% white or asian. This island offers many learning experiences from seafood farming, bird watching, about the local system, etc. I don’t understand why even “rich” African American who are able to afford virginia beach front hotel, wouldn’t take their children here!?


    • Teaching isn’t an easy field and the first year is often the hardest. I’m only two weeks in and I can already tell it’ll be a rough spell as I get used to things. There’s a lot of paperwork to do between now and our first summer break (we have two since we do a summer session).

      I’ve heard Chincoteague is great and some of my friends go every year since its pretty close by. It sounds like a better group trip–based on what you say and what friends have told me.


      • yeah, I miss the whole backpacking with family and friends. A bunch of us would have shared a 2 queen bed room with pull out sofa. Mr. is a YOLO, we picked mussels and cooked it outdoor was almost a bit much for him. He would lose his trust in me forever had he had an episode of diarrhea or any health issue after eating it. *shaking head* . He’s super high maintenance, wants his own private room. *Geeezz*

        Enough complaining about the Mr. traveling with him is quite pleasant. We got our own private room, eat at high quality restaurant. I only have to please 2 persons – myself and him. I don’t have to cater to anyone else or making too many compromise and sacrifice.

        Chincoteague probably good for all sort of people – solo, couple, family, group 🙂

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