As Summer gives way to Fall

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Firstly, wow.  How has it been over two months since my last post?  In my defense, it’s been a whirlwind the last two months between house sitting, work, traveling and moving.  That said, I’ve officially moved into my own place (and close to work to boot).   I’m currently on break (we have a week off between summer school and our week of teacher workdays) and it’s been amazing so far.  Lots of downtime, catching up on appointments and catching up with friends who I don’t get to see often enough.


Since Fall is around the corner, I’ve started to prep for the coming months.  Fall is my second favorite season and I love the atmosphere of the fall season.  The weather has already started to cool down and the crisp morning air has a distinct fall feel.  I do two big cleans (spring and fall) and moving has helped move it along pretty rapidly.  I won’t need to do a big deep clean this fall, but I will do my typical declutter that I do twice a year.  I’ve exceeded my goal of getting rid of things this year and I might hit my 3 year goal of 500 things by the end of the year at this rate.


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As I mentioned in previous posts, I’m currently pursuing my endorsement in Special Education.  I signed up for classes recently and I’m registered to start them on September 8th.  The weekend before one of my best friends is getting married!  It seems like only yesterday they got engaged (November 2014).  Otherwise, September and October will be scattered months of 5Ks, friend visits and my families annual trip to Lancaster, PA.


I’m definitely looking forward to all that fall brings between classes, activities, travels and 2015-2016 school year!  What are you looking forward to most in the Fall?

2 thoughts on “As Summer gives way to Fall

  1. Is that your chair? That’s lovely. I like the old Victorian style :). I was going to buy a victorian fixer upper house but it didn’t work out.

    Goodluck with getting your education!


    • I love old houses and I grew up in an area where there was a lot of Victorian houses. They can cost a very pretty penny though and that’s before the repairs!


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