1st Quarter Goal Report

Thursday, on my way home, I ran into an unwelcome foe—snow. It was isolated to a random backroad, but there was around an inch of snow on the grass around the road and the road itself had snow slush. Hopefully that was the last bite of winter and we can fully enjoy spring now!

Ask yourself if what you're doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow. #quote

In error I forgot to post my 1st quarter success on my 2015 goals. For that reason I’m throwing in April and I’ll do a half year analysis come June 30th/July 1st. I’ve made decent progress on my goals across the board. The first quarter of the year was full of change too since I left my old school after almost three years and moved back home to start a new job (an hour away). I’m hoping this next quarter brings a big positive change and I’ll know for sure this coming week!

This playful Final Fantasy 7-inspired bookmark. | 24 Brilliant Bookmarks You Need In Your Life

Goal #1: Beat 15 video games (4/15)

Persona 4, New Super Mario Bros 2, Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride, Alphadia Genesis

I have two games going currently-Final Fantasy V & Doctor Who Legacy. I’m close to finishing up Legacy and maybe ¼ of the way through Final Fantasy V. This girl needs to play more video games.


Goal #2: Read 150 books

Total read: 36

Reading has become one of my biggest hobbies lately so I’ve been reading 2-3+ books a week. I’m hoping to get in more reading this month since I finally have a few weekends without plans!

 Lucca helmet

Goal #3 Complete 10 craft or DIY projects

Total completed: 4

I went to a convention two months ago and made a three things for it. My crafting has slacked off due to moving, but hopefully I’ll jump back into it soon!


Goal #4 Pay off $10,000 of student loans, pay off two full loans


It’s lower than I’d like right now, but with my moving expenses, it’s sadly what it has to be. Luckily in the next few months I’ll be upping my monthly minimum and paying off two loans.



Goal #5 Watch 100 new movies

 I’ve watched 22 movies as of April 30th.



Goal #6 Travel

3 conventions: Star City Anime (Roanoke, VA) Wizard World Raleigh (Raleigh, NC)

2 festivals : Matsuri,

1 out of state trip

Goal #7: Earn $2,000 in extra income


Goal #8: Donate or volunteer for 12 causes/organizations

Art council (1/12)

Goal #9: Get rid of 200 items


This goal is done! It’s amazing how much you can get rid of by moving! Once I move again, this number is likely to increase 😉


Goal #10: Retirement saving goal

I added a bit to my retirement savings and while it’s not what some contribute, something now is going to equal more down the road!


With two more months until we hit the halfway mark for the year, I think my goals have a decent start (and having one done already makes up for the lack of progress on certain goals). I’m excited for what the rest of the year will bring and I can’t wait to see these goals crossed off by the end of the year!

Do you set goals? How did you do on your goals during the first quarter?

A fresh start


Originally I wasn’t sure how to begin writing this post.  My blog used to be over at Alexis lives, but after a lot of thinking I’ve moved to a new location.  I started it a while ago with no real purpose other than talking about goals.  As time went on, I realized that it never brought out my true writing intention and became a ‘quick post and run’ type of blog.  Not only that, it was too much of an outlet for me to worry further over my student loans. That wasn’t what I intended and knew I needed to start fresh, cue Scones and Books.

The idea came to me one Saturday morning late this summer when it was drizzling rain.  I was getting ready to head to the library after scrolling through a couple articles on feedly.  As I sat there, willing myself to head to one of my favorite places, the title of this blog hit me, Scones and Books!  At a later date I’ll go in depth on why it fits and maybe doesn’t fit at all.  There’s something quirky about a blog that doesn’t seem to make sense 😉

Onto the purpose of this blog, other than the fresh start.  This is where I’ll be writing about a multitude of topics including rambles about life, geekery and of course plenty of Doctor Who.  Speaking of which, did anyone else watch the Christmas special?  I thought it was very well done and that is was one of the best episodes of the new season (which I had very mixed feelings about).  Too bad it’ll be many months before  season 9!


Since it’s a new year, I’ve started a fresh list of goals for the upcoming year, which I’ll update on my 2015 goal list (and do a blog about it ever quarter).  What goals did you set for this year?