This weekend I traveled back to my previous city for a 5K. While I was there I met up with several friends for board games and dinner, stayed with two friends, then caught up with several more yesterday morning. It’s been a month and a half since I last saw them. I knew that I missed them a lot, but I didn’t realize just how much until I was there. I wasn’t a fan of the city itself, but I loved the people who were in my life there-friends, colleagues and of course my previous students.   Going back can be a tricky thing and it was hard to leave my friends there…again.


I did get to see one of my best friends and we exchanged birthday gifts. She got me the board game Pandemic and I can’t wait to play it! I’ve played it 2-3 times before and really enjoyed it. Last year I found the expansion, unused, at goodwill, but never got around to buying the game itself. Now I have a new board game to play—or at least one that’s not currently packed away until I move again.


Speaking of geekery, I bought my ticket to Toomanygames!  Another friend will be going with me and we’ll be getting a hotel for Saturday night (staying just for Saturday and Sunday).  There will be some amazing guests there and it’ll be an amazing time (based on what others have told me).  Extra bonus, my summer vacation starts the following week!  I do still need to order my advance ticket for Avengers: Age of Ultron this week.  I’ll be going to an Alamo theater and their tickets tend to sell out the week before (if its a major movie).


Oh yes! :)

Following up on a previous post about graduate school…I’ve decided not to go for it just yet. Instead, I’m working on adding my Special Education endorsement in Special Education Prek-12, which I should have by the end of next summer or by December. It varies by state, but in Virginia you have to complete special courses (some of my Elementary classes transfer), get proof of teaching for at least a year in a accredited school and pass the VCLA. I only need to take 8 classes, which I’ll be doing through an online program through a university here in Virginia.


Do you ever travel back to places you used to live?

March 15th is going to be ‘Fantastic’!

I have yet to talk to anyone today who didn’t have a rough day.  It must be the weather (another snow storm is in the forecast for tomorrow night!) Mine started off very rough since it was cold, some people cannot drive and I had to park my car on a snow embankment because there’s not enough parking.  I go in early everyday, but the one day I’m only ten minutes early, there’s no parking.  The day unfolded and things didn’t get much better, until…David Tennant.

23 Gifts David Tennant Has Graced The World With - BuzzFeed Mobile

I logged onto facebook after getting home from my weekly board game club to find out that David Tennant is going to be at a convention just 4 hours away from me!!  I quickly logged on and managed to get a photo op and ticket for Sunday.  Yes, it’s not the most practical spending wise, but it’ll be well worth my birthday money I’m using for it! Not to be a complete fangirl, but meeting the tenth Doctor is going to be pretty phenomenal.

Alternative Wording Medium TARDIS Sign Fabric: For Doctor Who Costume - this would be a great dice bag

The only unfortunate thing is that it is on Sunday and 4 hours away.  I talked to a few friends who said they’d be interested in going, which would make it easier.  I’ll be going there early Sunday morning, then driving back afterwards for a total of 8 hours on the road.  I have work the next day and since I’ll be commuting for the next month or two for my new job, it’ll be a little rough.  This is a once in a lifetime event, so I’m sure I’ll be so hyped up before and afterwards the drive will feel like nothing.


Have you ever met anyone famous?

First convention of 2015

Lucca helmet

Over the weekend a friend and I went to a convention, Star City Anime.  I went dressed as Lucca (Chrono Trigger) and my friend went as a Battle Royale participant.  This was my fourth convention and her 1st, though I’d never been to an anime convention.  The previous three were either gaming conventions or a comics and gaming convention.  We were very excited about this convention because our favorite voice actor, Vic Mignogna, was the guest of honor.  As a long-time fan of his work, I was thrilled to meet him in person and get a photo with him.


This was probably the smallest of the four conventions I’ve been to, with two hosting over 1,000 people and the other a meager 650.  This one clocked in at around 400-500 people since it was the first year.  The advantage of smaller conventions is that it’s easier to meet guests and there are smaller crowds.  The catch is that there isn’t a lot to do.  We got there right as they opened and saw everything within the first hour.  We ended up going to the board game room and video game room for the two hours prior to Vic’s four panels before grabbing lunch.  The first two panels were episodes of Star Trek continues, which he personally directed and did phenomenal with.  I thought they were on par with the best of Star Trek: TOS episodes personally.

Star Trek Continues {with anime voice actors, no less!} Vic Mignogna and Todd Haberkorn Watch it here

After the two episodes there was a Q&A in which Vic answered fan questions and requests.  It was phenomenal hearing him speak and at one point he pointed to me in the sea of people and asked me a question. I lost my words almost, but managed to answer!  Meeting idols can be surreal?  After the Q&A I got to meet him in person and got a photo op.  I wanted to talk to him about his experience at Liberty University (having gone to a Christian college myself), but a line of people behind me cancelled that idea.


All in all it was a great convention thanks to Vic.  I met a few people there and I was happy to see a number of people much older than us (25) there.  One thing that I worry about as I get older is that my ‘geeky’ interests will be frowned upon.  Then I remind myself I get mistaken for someone half my age and that other geeks are aging too.  I don’t think I need to worry about that for a long time, if ever.  As of now there aren’t any conventions on my radar until June.  I’m planning on going to Too Many Games in Pennsylvania then (for my first overnight con too!)