January reflections

Life updates

Picture 102

Where do I begin when discussing January?  Well, it was an interesting month and start to the new year.  I kicked off the start of January with a couple friends, went to a second baby shower for my best friend and five friends announced they were pregnant.  Babys’r’us has become a pretty consistent shopping destination for me lately (another close friend has a baby shower in two weeks).  Outside of exciting news from friends, I made a couple travel plans including to a convention next week, a trip to New York and another one to Pennsylvania in June.  I’m also in the midst of deciding on where I want to be come next September (when my lease runs out since I really want to go elsewhere) and graduate school.  Having multiple coworkers pursuing their masters degrees at the moment has made me feel pressure to decide on something (I gave myself a two year window).  By then my student loans will be pretty much gone and I’ll be free to enroll in a program.


Gaming and Entertainment

game case

I’ve been playing a lot of video games this past month and complete two this month.  Two weekends ago I beat Persona 4 (review) and last weekend I completed New Super Mario Bros 2 with everything done and unlocked.  Currently I’m making my way through Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride and I’m in the last section of the game.  I anticipate beating it sometime in the next week (expect a review!)


Movie wise, I did go to the theaters once to see Into the Woods.  I was in it in middle school and loved it (it’s one of my favorite musicals) and seeing the movie really took me back.  Even 12 years later, I still remembered all the words to the songs (which I mouthed along to).   I thought it was a good movie, though I’m still saddened that the baby wasn’t called Stormeggedon!


I didn’t read as much this month and only completed three books (yikes).  Goodreads says I’m eight books behind already…but I anticipate reading more next month.  It was just a wonky month since I was going in early everyday (and staying late) to do VAAP stuff (Virginia Alternate Assessment Program) and lesson planning.  I’m almost done, which means more free-time, hurray!


Extra earnings

Persona 4

This was an interesting month in terms of earnings, most notably because it was a lot lower than its been in a year since I started taking side-hustling seriously.  There are two reasons for that. 1) The website I wrote for for the last year and a half has tanked and they can’t pay me what I was earning.  2) Sales are down because I don’t really have much else to sell.  In February I’ll be prioritizing this and getting back into the grove of side-hustling. Still I walked away from the month with an extra $92.55.  My earning breakdowns are;

Swagbucks & Mypoints: $35

Writing: $49

Sales: $8.55


That was my January in a nutshell.  It was a good month, but I’m looking forward to having a new month (and no more beginning of the year insurance bills!).  How was your month?