A fresh start


Originally I wasn’t sure how to begin writing this post.  My blog used to be over at Alexis lives, but after a lot of thinking I’ve moved to a new location.  I started it a while ago with no real purpose other than talking about goals.  As time went on, I realized that it never brought out my true writing intention and became a ‘quick post and run’ type of blog.  Not only that, it was too much of an outlet for me to worry further over my student loans. That wasn’t what I intended and knew I needed to start fresh, cue Scones and Books.

The idea came to me one Saturday morning late this summer when it was drizzling rain.  I was getting ready to head to the library after scrolling through a couple articles on feedly.  As I sat there, willing myself to head to one of my favorite places, the title of this blog hit me, Scones and Books!  At a later date I’ll go in depth on why it fits and maybe doesn’t fit at all.  There’s something quirky about a blog that doesn’t seem to make sense 😉

Onto the purpose of this blog, other than the fresh start.  This is where I’ll be writing about a multitude of topics including rambles about life, geekery and of course plenty of Doctor Who.  Speaking of which, did anyone else watch the Christmas special?  I thought it was very well done and that is was one of the best episodes of the new season (which I had very mixed feelings about).  Too bad it’ll be many months before  season 9!


Since it’s a new year, I’ve started a fresh list of goals for the upcoming year, which I’ll update on my 2015 goal list (and do a blog about it ever quarter).  What goals did you set for this year?