1st Quarter Goal Report

Thursday, on my way home, I ran into an unwelcome foe—snow. It was isolated to a random backroad, but there was around an inch of snow on the grass around the road and the road itself had snow slush. Hopefully that was the last bite of winter and we can fully enjoy spring now!

Ask yourself if what you're doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow. #quote

In error I forgot to post my 1st quarter success on my 2015 goals. For that reason I’m throwing in April and I’ll do a half year analysis come June 30th/July 1st. I’ve made decent progress on my goals across the board. The first quarter of the year was full of change too since I left my old school after almost three years and moved back home to start a new job (an hour away). I’m hoping this next quarter brings a big positive change and I’ll know for sure this coming week!

This playful Final Fantasy 7-inspired bookmark. | 24 Brilliant Bookmarks You Need In Your Life

Goal #1: Beat 15 video games (4/15)

Persona 4, New Super Mario Bros 2, Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride, Alphadia Genesis

I have two games going currently-Final Fantasy V & Doctor Who Legacy. I’m close to finishing up Legacy and maybe ¼ of the way through Final Fantasy V. This girl needs to play more video games.


Goal #2: Read 150 books

Total read: 36

Reading has become one of my biggest hobbies lately so I’ve been reading 2-3+ books a week. I’m hoping to get in more reading this month since I finally have a few weekends without plans!

 Lucca helmet

Goal #3 Complete 10 craft or DIY projects

Total completed: 4

I went to a convention two months ago and made a three things for it. My crafting has slacked off due to moving, but hopefully I’ll jump back into it soon!


Goal #4 Pay off $10,000 of student loans, pay off two full loans


It’s lower than I’d like right now, but with my moving expenses, it’s sadly what it has to be. Luckily in the next few months I’ll be upping my monthly minimum and paying off two loans.



Goal #5 Watch 100 new movies

 I’ve watched 22 movies as of April 30th.



Goal #6 Travel

3 conventions: Star City Anime (Roanoke, VA) Wizard World Raleigh (Raleigh, NC)

2 festivals : Matsuri,

1 out of state trip

Goal #7: Earn $2,000 in extra income


Goal #8: Donate or volunteer for 12 causes/organizations

Art council (1/12)

Goal #9: Get rid of 200 items


This goal is done! It’s amazing how much you can get rid of by moving! Once I move again, this number is likely to increase 😉


Goal #10: Retirement saving goal

I added a bit to my retirement savings and while it’s not what some contribute, something now is going to equal more down the road!


With two more months until we hit the halfway mark for the year, I think my goals have a decent start (and having one done already makes up for the lack of progress on certain goals). I’m excited for what the rest of the year will bring and I can’t wait to see these goals crossed off by the end of the year!

Do you set goals? How did you do on your goals during the first quarter?

This weekend I traveled back to my previous city for a 5K. While I was there I met up with several friends for board games and dinner, stayed with two friends, then caught up with several more yesterday morning. It’s been a month and a half since I last saw them. I knew that I missed them a lot, but I didn’t realize just how much until I was there. I wasn’t a fan of the city itself, but I loved the people who were in my life there-friends, colleagues and of course my previous students.   Going back can be a tricky thing and it was hard to leave my friends there…again.


I did get to see one of my best friends and we exchanged birthday gifts. She got me the board game Pandemic and I can’t wait to play it! I’ve played it 2-3 times before and really enjoyed it. Last year I found the expansion, unused, at goodwill, but never got around to buying the game itself. Now I have a new board game to play—or at least one that’s not currently packed away until I move again.


Speaking of geekery, I bought my ticket to Toomanygames!  Another friend will be going with me and we’ll be getting a hotel for Saturday night (staying just for Saturday and Sunday).  There will be some amazing guests there and it’ll be an amazing time (based on what others have told me).  Extra bonus, my summer vacation starts the following week!  I do still need to order my advance ticket for Avengers: Age of Ultron this week.  I’ll be going to an Alamo theater and their tickets tend to sell out the week before (if its a major movie).


Oh yes! :)

Following up on a previous post about graduate school…I’ve decided not to go for it just yet. Instead, I’m working on adding my Special Education endorsement in Special Education Prek-12, which I should have by the end of next summer or by December. It varies by state, but in Virginia you have to complete special courses (some of my Elementary classes transfer), get proof of teaching for at least a year in a accredited school and pass the VCLA. I only need to take 8 classes, which I’ll be doing through an online program through a university here in Virginia.


Do you ever travel back to places you used to live?

Spring and Summer on the road

Countless times I’ve applauded myself for making the decision to buy a new car.  This time last year my old car was in its last legs.  Once the transmission went out I knew it was time to say goodbye and on June 5th I bought a 2014 Honda Civic, paid for in full.  Having a new car has paid for itself.  Its not just the comfort of knowing my car is reliable and won’t be in the shop every week and gets amazing gas mileage (37.2 mpg!). Its the comfort of knowing I can go anywhere in it, that it won’t be expensive. Thanks to a new car, I started taking more long trips starting last summer.  This spring and summer I anticipate even more.  Since I work in a really big city, it’s fairly easy to hop on the metro to go into DC now and explore.  I went to the Matsuri festival yesterday, but it was a disaster! Way too many people and rude ones at that. Just because its crowded doesn’t make it acceptable to not use your manners or push people in ‘your way’.  We were all happy to leave and explore less crowded areas after the Matsuri festival.  Next weekend I’ll be makingmy first return to my old city since I left a month and a half ago.  It’ll be wonderful to see friends again and participate in the 5K.   Outside of those, I’ll be going to Pennsylvania, Maryland and New York by the end of the summer. I’m especially excited to go to New York for the first time!  I’m going for a bridal shower for one of my best friends and we’re driving down together.  It’ll be a fun trip–I just wish we had more than three days there!  There’s also a convention in June I’m excited to go to and potentially another one in Maryland in August. I’ll be making a couple trips to see friends who live 1-2 hours away throughout the summer, so my car will, sadly, be racking up more miles.  Currently I’m staying with my grandmother who lives a little less than an hour away from where I work.  The commute isn’t ideal (saving money is) and I plan on doing it until July/August when I’ll have a few student loans gone and able to afford something with plenty of emergency savings at my disposal.  It’s crazy how expensive things are in Northern Virginia, even with a decent income.  I’m anxious to live on my own again, but at the same time,I look forward to a summer around friends and family I’ve missed a lot in the last 3ish years!   Are you planning any road trips this spring or summer?

Ten things I’m looking forward to in 2015

It’s hard to believe we’re already ten days into the new year, but here we are!  2015 has been fairly good so far and I’m working my way through my goals for the coming year.  As I work through my By 30 list and 2015 goals, I can’t help but think of all the things I’m looking forward to in 2015.  I went in this year knowing my 28th year was going to be pretty full, but what year isn’t?  It seems that more happens every year as you age.  2014 was probably one of my most filling years yet (happiness, events etc.) so I can only imagine what’s in store with the vibe I’m getting this year (good and bad).  At least some things are mostly guaranteed!


(Richmond Comic Con–Michael Rooker)



Last year I started attending conventions.  Yes, those woderful geeky ones you hear about such as San Diego Comic Con and Dragon*Con.  While I won’t be attending SDCC *darn difficult ticket* I will be attending a couple conventions with friends this year.  The first one I’m doing is in less than a month and I’ll be meeting one of my favorite voice actors.  I even went in this year with a list of 25…of which I’ll go to around 5.


Marvel movies

While I’m on the fence about Ant-Man (what was that first trailer?) I’m extremely excited about The Avengers 2: Age of Ultron.  Seriously, I made plans with a friend to see it as soon as the release day was given.  Finding out that Tom Hiddleston (Loki) has a cameo makes it even better.


Traveling to New York

One of my best friends got engaged last fall and her bridal shower will be in New York (where she’s from).  It’s in April and we’ll be journeying up there then for it.  I’m super excited to go since I’ve never been there (plus road trip!)


(Good) changes

I went in this year knowing there would be changes, albeit good ones.  I can’t say much more than that, except that I hope to be in a place (physically) where I’m happier.  Not that my current residence is bad or anything, I just need a change.


Paying off (more) debt

While this won’t be the year my student loans are completely gone, it’ll at least be another year of having more paid off.  Ideally I’m planning on getting a promotion before the end of the year which’ll mean more every month to pay them off.  I’m still working through my five year plan to have them gone and I anticipate hitting and exceeding my amount of the year!


Time with family and friends

Nothing means more to me (other than God) than the people I care about.  I’m looking forward to outings, good conversations, dinners and laughs with friends and family throughout the year.


Meeting Baby J & Baby S

My best friend is due next month and I can’t wait to meet Baby S!  Since she has a month to go, I’m anticipating getting the official call or text in a short few weeks!  Another best friend is due a month later and I can’t wait to meet Baby J.  They’re both already getting spoiled by me and will continue to get it well after they’re born!


(Cherry Blossom Festival in D.C. 2014)


I love traveling and count anything that takes at least an hour to get to as ‘traveling’.  I can anticipate a few because of conventions and trips to see friends, plus at least one out of state trip. Maybe this will also be the year I start planning a trip abroad!  A girl can hope!



I’m in really good health, but I don’t workout regularly like I used to.  Two friends recently invited me to join gyms with them (for free!) and I plan on hitting them up on that offer.  Additionally I’ve been trying to make my wardrobe better and shopping more in the petites or stores like H&M.  I’m pretty tiny, but I should start navigating away from the juniors for the most part.


Having a new place to live

This falls partly under changes, but I’m also looking forward to moving from where I currently live by the end of the year. I love my place, don’t get me wrong and my landlord is fantastic.  It’s just that I’ve been here for over 2 years and I’m kind of tired of it and money reasons.



What are things you’re looking forward to in 2015?